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Served with miso soup

Shokado Bento $16.50 each (rice is included)


Miso Salmon Bento $12.50 (rice is included inside the bento)

Sozai Mix Bento $13.25 (Rice and Miso Soup included)


Chicken Bento (Teriyaki/Katsu) $11.50/12.50 each

(rice is included inside the bento)

Saba Shioyaki Bento $11.50 (rice is included inside the bento)

Deli Salads

Per order serves 6-8 people

Gobo & Renkon Kinpira $35.00


burdock roots, lotus roots, konnyaku, carrots, onion, celery


Hijiki & Soy Beans $36.00


hijiki, dried soy beans, garbanzo beans, konnyaku, 


Green Veggie & Potato $27.00


russet potato, snap peas, edamame, cucumber


Ginger Cucumber $27.00


cucumber, cherry tomato, ginger


Slow Roasted Beets $38.50


red beets, golden beets, orange, kale


Chikuzenni $32.00


burdock roots, lotus roots, shitake mushroom, carrots, snap peas, konnyaku

Entree Salads

Per order serves 6-8

Fried Shrimp Soba Noodle Salad $75

shrimp tempura, buckwheat noodle, mizuna, cucumber, endive, watermelon radish, kaiware, tomato

Seared Escalope Salmon Salad $77

salmon, mizuna, arugula, romaine, daikon, cucumber, cherry tomato

Hot Food

1 piece per order

Potato Croquette $2.50

served with katsu sauce

Dungeness Croquette $5.25

Chicken Katsu $6.50

served with katsu sauce

Chicken Karaage $1.25

Salmon & Takana Onigiri $2.75

Sushi Rolls

8 pieces per order

California Roll $7.95

Spicy Tuna Roll $7.95

Avocado & Cucumber Roll $7.25

Salmon Avocado Roll $8.50


Price per gallon

Iced Green Tea $14.00

Matcha Lemonade $24.00


Contact shoemerson.delica@gmail or call the store directly at (626) 844-8788. All orders require 72 hrs in advance.

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